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10 Eco-Friendly Practises to Adopt in your Kitchen Today

1: Select a rated dishwasher. Using an Energy Star-rated dishwasher is proven to be more energy-efficient than handwashing, using 10-20% less energy than standard models. However if you only have a few dishes to clean, do it by hand.

2: Set your fridge temperature
at 3ºC to 5ºC. Check your owner’s manual to determine the optimal temperature range for your model remembering that for every degree below 5ºC, energy consumption is increased by 5%.

3: Install a benchtop compost system.
According the Australian Food and Grocery Council, Australians discard up over 4 million tonnes of food annually. Invest in a small compost unit to recycle your edible waste in to nutrient-rich soil.

4: Choose eco-friendly cookware.
Chefs favour cast iron pots and pans because they are durable and last a lifetime. Non-stick cookware like all-clad aluminium is the safest non-toxic option on the market.

5: Make a fridge ‘Eat me first’ box
, also known as a fridge triage box. Routinely place the food nearing expiration in the one box and check it first before using other items.

6: Purchase a water purifier.
Always having a jug of clean water on hand during summer will save hundreds of litres of wasted water waiting for the tap to cool down.

7: Invest in a
top-end microwave. If you use electricity to cook, wherever practical opt for the microwave as opposed to using an oven which can save up to 75% of energy.

8: Tighten the taps.
A dripping tap can equate to 50 litres of lost water in just one day. Household water accounts for 11% of total water use in Australia – evidently wastage is a significant issue.

9: Plant an internal garden.
Especially in small inner city dwellings, edible window sill plants have become popular. Internal gardens is an inexpensive way to brighten meals, and teaches children the value of eating organic.

10: Cook efficiently.
An average Australian home produces about half a tonne of greenhouse gas each year, which could be drastically reduced by efficient cooking practises. Place lids on pots to speed up the heating process and ensure food is properly thawed before it’s cooked.

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