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4 Essentials every functional laundry design needs

Laundries aren’t seen as the most exciting space in a home, so when redesigning the space, a common mistake many homeowners make is by not taking the time to plan properly which results in a laundry space that doesn’t function effectively.

It’s imperative that you decide what you want to incorporate into your design before you work out the layout to ensure you make the most out of the space you have. We’ve collated the must-have features to include in your laundry design to ensure you achieve a functional space as well as making sure washing and folding clothes are no longer a chore.

Planning for the future

The key to functional laundry design is ensuring your design takes into consideration your lifestyle as well the needs of your family. What inclusions and appliances will you need that is going to make your laundry chores a whole lot easier?

For example – do you work crazy hours or are you struggling to maintain a busy work/social life balance? Then a solution to this could be including a drying cupboard or condenser dryer to take up any more precious time. Or if you are plan on growing the numbers in your family then perhaps you need to consider a heavy-duty washing machine. The best way to get your laundry design right the first time is by considering and preparing for these things in advance.

Perfectly planned storage

A functional laundry is never complete without adequate amount of storage to house your laundry items, from detergents to washing baskets, and everything in-between – not to mention also ensuring your storage is perfectly positioned too.

Include a combination of versatile storage options such as a mixture of open shelves, cabinets and purpose-built cupboards to keep all your laundry products easily at your disposal. Another great tip is to vary the size of your cupboards too – for example tall, narrow cupboards can be used to store mops and brooms while open shelving can be reserved for items that are used regularly. Most important don’t forget to make sure your overhead cupboards have adequate clearance height to keep any harmful laundry/cleaning products out of the reach of children or pets.

Choosing the right sink

You’re probably thinking there are far more essential elements than selecting the right sink however trust us when we say don’t make the mistake of settling for any old laundry sink. The right sink will make a world of difference to your laundry space and change the way you complete washing and cleaning chores for the better.

Our tip is to choose a sink that is deep enough to allow you to hand-wash delicates with ease and fill up a mop bucket without any struggle.

Incorporating functional features

If space allows for it there are so many inclusions to consider that will go a long way to achieving a functional laundry design.

Our picks are pull-out laundry hampers designated to whites and darks and dirty and clean will help to streamline your laundry chores, hanging rails from the underside of your overhead cupboards is a great option to hang up clothes to dry or after they have been ironed or to complete the space the perfect idea is to install a pull-out ironing board.

Ready to start planning your new laundry? Our design team can help you create a functional design that will make your laundry chores a breeze. Book a FREE in-home or video consult with one of our award-winning designers today!



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