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4 reasons to collaborate with an interior designer

There’s a common misconception that an interior designer’s role is limited to adding the finishing touches to a room, such as cushions and other decorative items, however their role is so much more than that. An interior designer will assist with everything from spatial planning and floor plan layouts, to selecting the products, colours and materials, as well as the cushions and decorative touches of course.

As we are spending more and more time at home during isolation, there’s likely to be items around your home that seem to be bugging you more than usual – like your vanity unit that has no storage or your kitchen/dining space your family seems to be fighting over or maybe it’s that spare room that’s in desperate need of a makeover, we can all relate! All aspects of a room fall under the expertise of an interior designer, so whatever the bugbear in your home, an interior designer can collaborate with you to help transform your spaces. Here are 4 reasons why you should start the conversation with an interior designer about your interior spaces.

An interior designer will save you time 

Any project you’re wanting to undertake around the home requires a number of decisions to be made – Decisions you often don’t have the expertise or know how to make. Your interior designer will take the time to listen and discuss your ideas, lifestyle and budget in order to prepare a design brief and scope of works.

And most importantly an interior designer will spend tireless hours selecting the right fixtures, finishes, colours and textures, sourcing furniture and managing the project to suit your individual needs. With juggling the demands of working from home and spending quality time with your family and kids – do you have the energy to take on an interior project by yourself? Tackling this with an ally is a wonderful way to collaboratively ensure the best use of your space.

An interior designer will save you money

Part of an interior designer’s role is to advise you on where to spend your money wisely. An experienced interior designer will pick the best value-for-money options as well as guide you through what to splurge on in order to maximise on future return.

An interior designer is there to prevent you from making expensive mistakes that are costly to rectify, as the last thing you want is to spend a significant amount of time and money on furnishings that are unsuitable, the wrong style of size, or poorly manufactured.

An interior designer will save you heartache

Interior designers have the ability to visualise and conceptualise how a space will look with selected finishes, materials and colours in an existing space or from reviewing plan drawings. They also understand building code regulations to ensure the compliance of your project.

In essence, an interior designer won’t allow you to fall in love with a certain design or style if it won’t visually work with your space, won’t be functional or won’t comply with regulations. Combining form with function is a top priority for an interior designer to ensure you receive the best outcome. On top of that an interior designer will ensure you have a team of reliable and excellent project managers, contractors and suppliers at your disposal, to save you the headaches associated with choosing trusted trades and suppliers.

An interior designer will create your dream space

An interior designer is an expert at giving your home a wow-factor and creating the space of your dreams. An interior designer will give you a unique perspective on you, your home and your lifestyle. They’ll make their recommendations based on a long-term vision, often going against one-off trends and focusing instead on a timeless design that embodies your personality and needs.

The best part is you can work with an interior designer from the comfort of your home. Jump on a video call, take them through your space and then they will do all the work in the background for you, such as drawing up the plans, sourcing the products, pricing out your project etc. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the process. Whether your redesigning your whole home or needing a bedroom facelift, an interior designer will have you covered.

You can collaborate with one of our award-winning designers today. Booking a FREE video consultation is the first step to realising your interior dreams.

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