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4 things I wish my clients knew about design

Our expert design manager Vanessa Cook works alongside numerous clients daily to transform their existing bathrooms and kitchens into interior spaces they had once only dreamt of.

Vanessa lets us in on the four key areas of design she likes to touch on with her clients before starting any new renovation journey, to ensure that each home transformation successfully encapsulates the client’s ideas and expectations. Here’s what she had to say:

Don’t be afraid to change the layout

‘The way you live now is vastly different to when the space was originally created years ago, therefore a new layout is almost always necessary if you want your new bathroom or kitchen to improve your quality of life’ advises Vanessa. For example, kitchens used to be in closed off back rooms, now they open out to living rooms and outdoor areas to maximize entertaining and take advantage of long Australian summers (sometimes questionable in Melbourne).

‘A well-designed layout improves the functionality of the space and not to mention will add value to your home’ says Vanessa. Your bathroom and kitchen are two of the busiest zones in your home, and although you’re probably worried about the costs associated with re-configuring the space, having a bathroom or kitchen that works for you and your family is a smart investment.

Restrained design, can put strain on the budget

‘Clients will often come to me asking for a minimalistic, sleek design’ says Vanessa, ‘little do they know that this design style is not as easy or cost effective to achieve as they think.’ Believe it or not, floating cabinetry with mitered edges, no handles and seamless stone benchtops are labor intensive and require meticulous planning to ensure it is perfect. This style might look minimal but the intricate details and craftsmanship involved is not. ‘It’s important that I educate my clients upfront to ensure they understand the costs associated with design decisions as they make them.’ states Vanessa.

Trust the experts

‘It’s important to trust the experts,’ Vanessa advises, ‘at smarterBATHROOMS+ we have an award-winning team of trusted experts with 15+ years’ experience.’ Besides having the relevant experience in the field, an interior designer will give you an unique perspective on your home and your lifestyle. An experienced interior designer will give you recommendations based on a long-term vision, often going against the grain to focus on the individual clients needs with a focus on timeless design.


Play with texture

‘I wish my clients weren’t afraid of texture’ says Vanessa. ‘Mixing multiple textures together actually brings warmth and character to a room’ she adds. Clients fear that if something looks good it means it’s not practical. However, it’s possible to have products that are both stylish and practical. A lot of clients are deterred from making a statement in their bathroom or kitchen, with the fear that they will regret their decision later or their chosen statement may go out of style, this then comes back to point 3. amazing design outcomes can be achieved by putting trust in the experts.


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