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7 secrets to renovating a petite bathroom

If you are battling a tiny bathroom, don’t give up on your renovation dreams just yet! There are ways you can transform your bathroom into a practical yet aesthetically beautiful room in your home.

Floating furniture

Floating furniture such as vanities and toilets connected only to the wall are a great invention. Not only do they make a bathroom feel instantly bigger and uncluttered, but they also make the space super easy to clean — it’s a win-win. One of our favourite bathroom inclusions is a fully formed bench top with integrated basin. Not only is it clean and streamlined, but it also makes for a beautiful design detail in a small bathroom space.


Having a shower over the bath has been a popular trend for a good reason — there’s no way you can fit both in a small bathroom space. If you’re a fan of long soaks in the tub then you should definitely incorporate this feature into your renovation design.

If a bath is not something you use often, then you can maximise on your shower space by making it as large as possible.


Large-format tiles are instrumental in creating an illusion of more space. With less grouting and lines to break up the visuals, the bathroom will appear broader and seem to have a higher ceiling.

Magic mirrors

Any interior designer worth their salt will tell you mirrors can instantly transform a space and make it feel bigger. Choose a large mirror and don’t be afraid to play with the variety of shapes available.

Utilise dead space

Extend the counter over the cistern’s plumbing by using a stone or wooden slab — this creates just enough space for a few extra items without affecting toilet use. Incorporate storage behind your mirror, mount the towel bar on the door and install shelving beneath your fully formed bench top with basin to really make the most of your bathroom space.


You can use lighting to highlight an area in the room where you want to draw the eye. Flush-mounted ceiling lights or recessed lighting on cabinets and the underside of the vanity top will create the perception of space while brightening the room.


Use your renovation as an opportunity to get rid of excess products you’ve collected over the years and any items you don’t use daily can go in alternate storage. If you haven’t used a product in a month, you should ditch it.

Are you desperate to renovate your small bathroom? Our renovation solutions come in every size. Speak with a smarterBATHROOMS+ designer today on 1300 662 838.

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