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Avoid a bad kitchen colour choice – here’s how

Planning a kitchen renovation can be a daunting process. There is a lot to consider when designing every element of your dream kitchen. But broken down into bite-sized pieces, the process doesn’t seem as overwhelming, and can really be a lot of fun. So for now, let’s focus on the colour scheme.

Choosing which colours to include in your kitchen is a vital part of the decision-making process. You want to enjoy your kitchen space for years to come, and making sure the colour scheme is not just relevant now but timeless and distinctly you will ensure this.

When choosing those all-important colours, digital screens, magazines and artificial lighting can all be very deceiving. Make sure you look at true colour samples in natural light. Not only will this give you a good understanding of the exact colours you are choosing, but also the texture and depth of the materials.

If you’re unsure of what direction to go in, have a read of our list of 6 kitchen colour schemes that will stand the test of time.


1. Timber + white

Whether you are going for a traditional or contemporary style, warm timber tones and crisp white is an inviting pairing that will see your kitchen space remain relevant long into the future.

You will be faced with many choices when selecting the right timber for your kitchen – from natural timber to a laminated material, light to dark colours, flat or textured. Usually, you’ll naturally gravitate to one look, and an expert can help you understand the quality, texture, and durability of the material. Pairing your selected timber with white will break up the space and ensure that the timber doesn’t consume your kitchen.


2. All white

Believe it or not, white on white is quickly becoming the most timeless of all colour schemes. It’s non-offensive, highly adaptable and very easy to insert into any style of home. A fresh white kitchen can also easily be accessorised to customise the look and feel of the space. For example, with simple alterations such as changing pendant lights, handles and small appliances, the space can take on new life time and time again.

Careful consideration is required when choosing the right white for your home. The shade of white used in benchtops, cabinetry and walls can differ greatly, so it’s important that all white elements are considered together before you embark on a sophisticated, crisp white colour scheme.


3. Dark timber + marble

A natural beauty shines through when a moody wood grain and natural marble are teamed together to make up an everlasting kitchen colour scheme. This combination embodies rich, natural, sturdy materials to see your kitchen remain pertinent beyond its years. This look is not for every kitchen, however. Due to the dark wood grain, this scheme is best suited to open, light-filled spaces that can accommodate the depth of tone without losing warmth and spaciousness.

In this colour combination, contrasting dark and light hues are softened with the texture and depth that run through the wood grain and the marble veins. Whether you choose natural marble and natural timber, look-alike materials, or even a mixture of the two, this is a winning combination. And with so many colour options to choose from, it’s easy to find a design that will blend effortlessly with the rest of your home.


4. Blues + grey

The timeless mixture of blue and grey hues makes for a soft, relaxing colour scheme within any kitchen space. This scheme allows for experimentation with textures, finishes and patterns, with a wide range of colour selections available to make up the perfect combination to insert into your home. Ensuring that the blues and greys are well contrasted is key to pulling off this ageless look.

5. Black on black

An all-black kitchen is an edgy scheme and, according to modern interior trends, it’s not going anywhere. This look won’t be to everyone’s taste, and requires an open kitchen space to ensure the very dark colours don’t close off the space or make it feel small.

Some handy tips to avoid the feeling of a single colour consuming your kitchen is to introduce texture. Playing opposites off each other is a great way to really make this style work for your kitchen. Try high gloss paired with a rough texture – you could even introduce patterns, as they won’t overpower or outshine the overall look, but instead add a stylish depth. When it comes to appliances and handles, you can either make these stand out by selected a finish such as a brushed stainless steel, or blend in by continuing the black theme through to these details.


6. Monochromatic

The classic black and white combination has stood the test of time in fashion and home interiors, and the kitchen space is no exception. It is a sophisticated, inviting and easy scheme to live with, and can be easily adapted with accessories to alter the look and feel over time.

The two staple colours work extremely well together, but it is important to get the ratio right to make sure it works for your home. Careful consideration is required to determine if your space is to be predominantly black, white, or an even mix of the two. The exact tone of white is also an important decision, as you don’t want to select one that throws yellow tones into your monochrome space.


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