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6 Bathroom Renovation Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Happy New Year! If you made renovating your bathroom one of your New Year’s resolutions, then you might want to know what’s making waves in the realm of bathroom design right now.

To help you stay up to date with the latest, we’ve asked our Interior Designers what b bathroom renovation trends they’re excited to include in their 2022 designs. Read on to discover what’s trending in bathrooms this year!

Restoring our Wellbeing

“After two challenging years, it’s only natural to seek a haven of peace where we can relax and restore”, says Interior Designer Ellen Thomas. And what better place to unwind after a long day than your bathroom? In 2022, hotel and spa-inspired bathrooms will be trending both in your Instagram feed and in Melbourne homes.

“As the movement toward health and wellness that started in the pandemic continues, you can expect to see many 5-star hotel-like luxuries, such as underfloor heating and heated towel rails, in the everyday bathrooms of 2022” says Ellen.

Nature will be a big hit next year as well – after spending so much time in artificial environments, there’s now a growing interest in bringing nature back into our lives. Spaces that blend the indoors and outdoors are in vogue, and so are bathrooms with nature-inspired schemes, leading us to the next trend…

All about Green

“After a few years of beige, grey, and white reigning supreme, colour is here to stay, says smarterBATHROOMS+ Head of Design Vanessa Cook. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation and want to go beyond traditional schemes, then you’re in for a treat – there are so many great options that you can choose from.

Colours associated with the natural outdoors, such as green and blue, are particularly popular now, in a time when we could all use some nurturing and calm. “Green is the colour of growth and renewal, signalling new beginnings; perhaps this is why it’s forecasted to be the most popular colour for 2022″, Vanessa says.

“While we restore our sense of normality,” adds Vanessa, “there’s also a great deal of optimism floating in the air, which is being expressed via vibrant and bold colours – with schemes that are perfectly in tune with the playful, curious, and wondrous sides of our personalities.” “Think pink, lilac, or cornflower blue as dominant hues in the scene,” says Vanessa.

Feeling inspired to bring more colour into your life? Next, we will focus on how this is done in 2022.

Technology is In

“In 2022, bathrooms that incorporate the latest technology are trending,” says Grace Coutts, Interior Designer at smarter BATHROOMS+ – “For example, sensor taps have increased in popularity, due to a growing demand for bathroom devices that reduce or eliminate the need to touch,” Grace adds.

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, high tech bathrooms will become commonplace in 2022, with homeowners enjoying technology we could only previously find in five-star hotels.

For instance, “These days, you can invest in a smart shower mixer which allows you to set your preferred temperature and water flow with a tap of a button.” says Grace. “Another great innovation is automated underfloor heating, which you can program to your liking, for example, to be turned on 20 minutes before your wake-up time,” Grace adds. Every Melburnian would agree this sounds like heaven.

Fair and Square

​”Next year, we are seeing more and more of square tiles, particularly glazed ones with hand-made Moroccan look, like Zellige tiles,” says Caroline Embling, Interior Designer.

This hand-made look is very much in demand due to its tactile nature. “I believe we’ve been deprived of connecting with our sense of touch for so long, that we’re craving that tactile, layered quality in our interiors. We’re tired of cold and clinical and ready for organic textures to regain protagonism. As a result, the idea of mixing materials and textures has gained traction among Interior.” Caroline explains.

Although the subway tile look might not be as popular now as it once was, it’s highly unlikely to disappear from modern bathrooms anytime soon, according to Russell Henderson, senior Interior Designer. “Blue and green subway tiles with faded edges are becoming increasingly popular, perhaps due to their aged, organic look”, he says.

Getting Groovy

The pandemic made us wary of the corners and folds of our spaces, which might harbour unwanted microscopic guests.

“In response to the fatigue we experience from inhabiting flat and sterile environments, we may see a return to richly textured interiors. And that is just what V-groove joinery achieves, which might be the reason why this type of joinery has become so popular lately” says Interior Designer Ellen Thomas.

“Instead of the more traditional flat profile, vanities and cabinets are now using more V-groove joinery,” says Ellen. “You can create a lot of interest in a space just by choosing a panelled profile for your cabinetry. This style will become more popular in the next few years.” Ellen adds.

Organic Forms

If you are drawn to organic shapes, you won’t be disappointed to find out that they’re still very much on trend.

Grace, Interior Designer at smarter BATHROOMS+, says that soft forms—such as rounded edges on basins and mirrors—are still in style even after being featured so heavily in the bathrooms of 2021.

Grace says designers are favouring soft shapes like rounded shower screen edges, fluted tiles, and round handles. “There are many ways to apply these shapes in your design, so don’t be afraid to get creative.” “Paired with natural materials like timber veneer or natural marble, round forms can truly bring this sense of connection with nature – something we all so desperately need.” adds Grace.

Stay True to You

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by so many bathroom renovation trends? Don’t fret!

When renovating your bathroom, it’s important to give yourself the freedom to create a space that feels true to you. At the end of the day, your bathroom is your space, so any design should feel like it’s totally yours.

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