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6 brilliant bathroom inclusions

Your bathroom is an important part of your daily routine. You start and end your day there, so it’s only fitting it should reflect your needs — whether that be functional or luxurious inclusions. The only problem is, how do you decide what sits at the top of your priority list? We’ve put together our top 6 bathroom inclusions to help you make the most out of the space you have.

Underfloor heating systems

Do you find it hard to get out of bed on a cold morning in the middle of Winter? That feeling of leaving your warm bed and walking across freezing cold tiles can be the worst way to wake up, which is why we suggest installing underfloor heating.

“It’s such a lovely way to heat your bathroom space!” says smarterBATHROOMS+ designer Hannah Kidd. “You can program the thermostat, so it can be set to start warming your tiles before you even wake up. This makes getting out of bed on a Winter morning much easier!”

Make the most of mirrors

Mirrors can do magical things to a room. They reflect light, give the illusion of a bigger space, and, of course, are a stunning accessory.

“Mirrors are a great, cost-effective way of bringing interesting shapes into the bathroom,” says Hannah. “Soft squares and circular mirrors are really taking flight. They can also be a great tool to reflect any natural light in the bathroom and brighten the space.”

Intelligent lighting solutions

Clients can often overlook this aspect of a bathroom renovation because they’re thinking about relaxing in their tiled heaven. The reality is, you spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom getting ready in the morning and performing activities where you will need to see better, so it makes sense you should install the right kind of lighting, in the right places.

Install downlights over the mirror, while placing lighting sconces closer to the bath and shower creates ambience. For an alternate solution, Hannah says, “You can construct a window above the footprint of the shower so you benefit from natural light in your bathroom while changing your bathroom experience — imagine seeing the night sky as you shower.”

Floor-level showers

Australians used to combine showers and baths to create more space, but nowadays, we can afford to separate them — and floor-level showers seem to be the preference. With this type of shower, you can avoid creating partitions in your bathroom. This modern touch imbues your space with the feeling of a luxury spa or high-end hotel.

“Where achievable, this is a must-have,” Hannah says. “A seamless transition between the shower base and the bathroom floor makes the room feel much larger and luxurious. The minimalist design emphasises the feeling of space, declutters the design and allows the area to breathe.”


Storage solutions

Clients can sometimes make the mistake of minimising shelving and storage in favour of a bigger bathtub or a floating vanity. The reality is, this can make your bathroom feel cluttered and cramped.

“If you are tight for space but short on storage, oversized shaving cabinets are a great solution. They add an element of drama in the bathroom space but don’t impede on the footprint of the bathroom,” says Kidd.

Play with tiles

There are many beautiful tiles out there, and a bathroom is a perfect place to show off your personality. Take risks with colours and patterns that display versatility and visual aesthetics for your bathroom.

“Playing with tile heights can add another dimension to bathroom design — creating a bit of drama in one space and a break in others can add interest,” Hannah explains. “Tiles are also a great way to add texture. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as play with the way you pattern the tiles.”

For more ideas and design solutions for your bathroom renovation be sure to call our talented smarterBATHROOMS+ team on 1300 662 838.

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