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Choosing a kitchen style for your renovation

We rarely design kitchens that are purely intended for cooking – our clients want to design a space to enjoy family meals, entertain guests and now more so than ever have dedicated workspace included too. It’s no wonder the importance that is placed on tailoring your kitchen layout and style to reflect your family’s unique needs.

Whether you want your kitchen to be the heart and soul of your home or a place you can unleash your inner chef, here’s how to choose a kitchen style that’s right for you.

The family hub

Do you have to fight for space because there’s always more than one person in your kitchen at a time? Do you have a dedicated dumping ground in your kitchen where paperwork, homework, and odds and ends seem to end up? Do you have people congregating around the kitchen either just having a chat while you cook or trying to figure out what to snack on next? If you answered yes, then a family-style kitchen is right for you.

To create a family-style kitchen you want to make sure your kitchen design includes plenty of bench space, well-organised storage solutions, large and energy efficient appliances, a large pantry or butler’s pantry if space permits, open plan living and the most important feature of all – a seating area for the family to gather. A dedicated seating area within your kitchen design will ensure your kitchen will quickly become a central family hub. Don’t forget to include plenty of power points in this area as it will soon double as a workspace for the whole family.

The pro chef or wannabe chef

Are you the go-to cook in your house? Do you love trying out new recipes? Do you like to bake or get your kids involved in the kitchen? Or are you desperate to have a kitchen big enough to up your culinary skills? If so, all signs are telling us your kitchen design needs to be functioning at its best to be fit for a master chef.

The essential ingredients to a master chef kitchen design is a seamless layout which allows you to move easily between the 5 zones of consumables, prep, cooking, non-consumables, and cleaning. You will also need top of the range appliances, consider including two ovens if you’re constantly cooking up a storm, it will make a huge difference to the way you cook. It goes without saying that plenty of bench space is vital as well as including a large double sink.

Neat and tidy

Are you constantly trying to ensure the benchtop remains as tidy and uncluttered as possible? Are you struggling to find a spot for all of your various kitchen items? Do you pride yourself in a spotless kitchen? If you answered yes to any of the above then a neat and tidy kitchen style is the right pick for you.

The secret to a neat and tidy kitchen is of course an abundance of storage – particularly custom made storage solutions that have been tailored to suit your needs. You will need a variety of smart storage solutions to ensure your cupboards remain organised, hide clutter and allow for every item to have a home so that it stays off the bench. Consider always including drawers instead of cupboards to allow easy access to your items, pull-out storage or revolving storage racks, pull out bins and an appliance cupboard if you really want to make sure the benchtop remains spotless at all times.

The Entertainer

Are you itching to be able to have people back in your home to entertain? When you’re entertaining do you often find yourself secluded from the rest of the party? Are you struggling to even find room to entertain anyone? If you answered yes, then we know you love to entertain which means you need a stylish kitchen to suit.

Function and aesthetics will be equally as important in your kitchen design as your kitchen will always be on display and you need optimal functionality to ensure cooking time is decreased. The key to an entertainer’s kitchen is an open plan layout to prepare food and drinks while still remaining interactive with your guests. The second key is minimising clutter – perhaps consider a butler’s pantry to allow you to keep mess out of sight as you won’t have much time to clean as you go whilst entertaining.

Still deciding which kitchen style is right for you? Our award-winning design team knows exactly how to help you plan your dream kitchen. Book in your FREE video consult to start creating a kitchen that is customised just for you.

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