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Colour Trends for Kitchens of the Future

If you are unhappy with the look of your kitchen, incorporating some on trend colour ideas into your kitchen renovation project will be sure to give you a working and entertaining space that you’ll love.

However, when it does come to colour, it is always a good idea if you are planning to try something a little daring and different, to ensure it is an element that is easy to change.

For instance, the use of bright colours –(a trend that kitchen designers agree that we’ll see much more of in 2015) – are much easier to change if they are on the walls rather than a fixed element like the benchtops or cabinetry. So if you want to experiment, add splashes of colour in the splashback or alternatively the paint colour of the walls.

The Feature Wall

Feature walls in other rooms of the house are quite the norm. When it is time to rejuvenate your kitchen, painting a feature wall can do wonders without impacting the overall kitchen layout. It is ideal for small DIY kitchen renovation projects, and can transform a “dull” kitchen to a striking “kitchen” with minimal work.

If your kitchen is small, with most of the wall space utilised by cabinetry, the splashback is an ideal space to add a bold colour statement, these colours can also be replicated in the small appliances and accessories placed on the benchtop.

Glass splashbacks have gone from strength to strength in recent times, not only do we have an unlimited choice of colours, combined with a wide range of finishes like pearlescent or metallic, but we can now also incorporate prints or images onto the glass splashback, this providing a customised design for your home.

Patterned and textured tiles in a burst of colour is also an “on trend” way of introducing colour into the kitchen.

The Cabinetry

If you fall in love with a specific colour, material or texture, adding it to your cupboard doors and benchtops will ensure that you have a working space you adore. In the past, neutral colour schemes have been chosen for kitchens as they make the space appear larger and lighter. Unfortunately, these can also be somewhat bland and boring. Adding colour to the cupboards will give a distinctive look to any kitchen.

In the past we saw kitchens colour trends use dark colours on the base cabinets and lighter colours to the wall cabinetry. To create a more dramatic look, you can reverse this by having dark cupboards and benchtops, with the ceiling and floor in white or a much lighter colour. A bright white splashback or decorative panelling will add visual contrast. You will also need effective task and overall lighting.

Overall Colour Schemes

The kitchens of the future are predicted to be brighter with dramatic and vibrant colour schemes. The use of textures; formally subtly utilised in kitchen designs, will now take centre stage. We will now see high gloss finishes used as well was copper and mirrored finishes, and natural or engineered wood grains and textural tiles. Colours once only seen in decorator cushions will be seen in light fittings/ tiles/ paint colours and benchtops.

The Furniture Style

This trend sees table-like island benches, disparate from the kitchen main, tying in with the living area.

Island benches whilst still functional have dropped down open ends to sit at that have the appearance of a piece of furniture, sometimes with timber or stainless steel legs.

The use of mirrored finishes in splashbacks and kickers create a “living room” vibe rather than a kitchen.

Of course, there are many options to add some colour to your kitchen – whether renovating a kitchen or building a new one from scratch. Before choosing any new kitchen design, it is so important to think carefully about your lifestyle, now and into the future, so that you know what will suit your changing needs.

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