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Creating a timeless monochrome bathroom

The monochrome approach never really goes out of fashion – it’s a great way to ensure your bathroom doesn’t date overnight when the next season’s popular colours come into play.

Here are our tips for mastering the monochrome bathroom.

Add interest with patterned tiles

When we talk of monochrome bathrooms, we’re generally talking about a colour palette of black, white and grey. But just because you’ve chosen to ban numerous colours from your bathroom, doesn’t mean it has to be bland.

There’s a wealth of designer tiling on the market to add patterns and textures. From diagonals and geometric patterns to polka dots, choose a pattern with the right scale and tone for the size and style of your bathroom.

Patterned tiling is great for floors, but a feature wall or two can also work so long as you are careful not to use a pattern that’s too overpowering.

You can also choose marble tiling to add texture whilst still remaining within the monochrome palette. This will give you a classic look and a touch of luxury.

Shape it up

You don’t have to stick to traditional square tiles. Hexagonal tiling can be particularly inspiring and playful. Get creative and build patterns using contrasting black and white or grey hexagons.

Penny tiles are also popular for contemporary bathrooms, especially in shower areas. You can mix and match shades within the mono palette to create interest and to delineate different areas of the room. For example, switch from a white to a grey at the edge of the shower area, or create contrasting areas around vanity splashbacks.

Create a coherent look

The beauty of a monochrome bathroom is that it can be a far more tranquil experience than a bathroom that’s colourful or busy. And this is best achieved by ensuring everything in the room plays by the rules.

So, choose fixtures and fittings that match the approach. There are plenty of great tapware and showerhead options in black, for example, that can help maintain the theme and give your bathroom a contemporary look.

Add a pop of colour

Once you’ve created the perfect monochrome environment, you have the opportunity to go against everything we’ve just said – and add colour! Not only does the monochrome approach ensure your bathroom remains a calm and soothing space, it makes it so much easier to accessorise and add feature colour items.

Vivid green plants look so much more alive in a mono bathroom. And with the right selection, every time you change your towels you could change the colour accent of the room. The best thing is, they’ll never clash with anything.

Need a safety net?

Of course, the easiest way to create a monochrome bathroom is with the use of a carefully chosen paint palette, and if you’re ever-so-slightly nervous about the idea of a monochrome bathroom, this has other advantages.

Leaving areas of wall space free from tiling means you can, if you tire of the monochrome approach (though, why would you?) you can subtly change up the room quickly by reintroducing colour with painted areas.

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