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Decluttering in time for your renovation

A bright new kitchen or bathroom, with decluttered cabinets and well-thought-out design, is what all renovations should achieve. Before you can embark on the exciting design process, it’s crucial to understand how you will use the space — mainly, where will you put functional items you use or need?

It’s best to start decluttering before you begin your much-anticipated renovation, to truly understand what needs to fit within your new spaces. You don’t want to redesign a fresh new kitchen to house the same old Tupperware that have been missing their lids for years now. Don’t plan shelves or cabinets for small appliances that have never seen the light of day or that old electric shaver that takes up precious space in the back of the vanity, waiting for the ‘one day’ you’ll need it.

We have put together a few handy hints that will motivate you. Declutter your spaces and discover which essential items you need to consider in your renovation designs.

Let’s start in the kitchen and pantry — specifically the Tupperware cupboard. Most of us have one, and often it is overflowing with unusable containers. Start by recycling any containers with missing lids or cracks in the plastic. After you’ve thrown out the damaged goods, stack remaining Tupperware inside one another like a babushka doll, to save on space.

Clearing out the pantry can feel like a mountainous task, with unused cans and miscellaneous packets of food pushed all the way to the back of the highest shelf, but clearing out all expired food and spices will declutter the pantry. Then you’ll have a better understanding of how your new pantry will function after the renovation.

What about all those other random items you don’t know what to do with? Cut old worn tea towels into strips so you can use as cleaning rags, and give away unused small appliances to friends or sell them online, and voila! You now have more room for the necessities.

smarterBATHROOMS+ decluttering tip: Consider kitchen corners. If you can avoid them, or install corner cabinetry solutions, you will eliminate wasted space and create easy access to areas that were once problematic.

Next up: the bathroom — a place where you will find unused jars, empty bottles, half-used nail polishes and old perfumes that were a gift from years ago. Start by sorting through the vanity unit, mirror shaving cabinet and shower shelves. You’d be surprised by how many of the shampoo bottles are empty and have been forgotten. Expired makeup? Bin. Hair product you thought you’d use one day but still haven’t, and it’s been four years? You guessed it — throw it out!

It’s essential to store heat and moisture sensitive products, such as medicine and specific skin-care products, away from the bathroom unless you include a sealed cabinet in your new design to create a special place for these items.

smarterBATHROOMS+ decluttering tip: Vanity unit storage is a vital bathroom feature. Ensure your designs include a vanity which can accommodate the products that have survived your clean-out. Think about adding partitions for your drawers and a pull-out bin — this is a neater, clutter-free way of concealing your waste solutions.

After you’ve finished decluttering your kitchen and bathroom, speak to one of our smarterBATHROOM+ experts on 1300 662 838 or book a free in-home consultation to make sure your renovation process and results are seamless and catastrophe-free.

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