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The Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations can be a complex process, not to mention a significant investment of time and money. Tearing your entire bathroom down and building a new one is no easy feat, so it’s only natural that you’d feel overwhelmed by the prospect of handling your upcoming renovation. 

While bathroom renovations can seem daunting, they don’t have to be. If you follow our simple designer-approved rules, your bathroom transformation can be a hassle-free and even fun process. 

So, if you’re thinking about tackling a bathroom renovation but don’t know where to start, then our design expert, Ellen’s list of crucial do’s and don’ts, is the perfect place. 

The Do’s

Do – Design with You in mind

No bathroom renovation should begin without considering who the space is for and how you will use it. This is a crucial first step and the foundation for all the decisions you will be making along the way. An ensuite will be used differently from a shared bathroom for your kids, for example, so take your time to pin down the user’s needs. 

Do – Design with the future in mind

If you’re renovating your forever home and your family plan on using the bathroom for many years to come, then be adventurous with your design choices. However, if you’re considering selling in the future, you may want a clean and contemporary aesthetic in your bathroom that will attract multiple buyers. 

“So many clients find it difficult to look past the current trends or their current situation and fail to realise that what they may want now won’t be suitable for their future living situation,” Ellen says. 


Do – Set Extra Budget 

In any bathroom renovation project, you will almost always run into unexpected costs. This could be anything from hidden issues such as mildew damage or mould behind your shower walls. ‘It’s always wise to allow for a 5% contingency so you’re prepared for any unforeseen expenses that may come your way’, Ellen advises. 

Do – Visit a Showroom  

It’s always a good idea to visit a showroom to see products and finishes in person. This is also an excellent opportunity to check out the quality of finishes your renovator can offer. Quality products and finishes are much easier to spot in real life than in pictures, so if you’re serious about renovating, carving some time from your schedule to visit a showroom is a great way to invest your time. 

Do- Learn to budget  

It’s a great idea to get familiar with the breakdown of the costs of running a renovation. Getting acquainted with how much things cost will give you a greater understanding of what can be achieved with the budget you’ve set for your project. Head to our post How Much Does a Renovation Cost in 2021 to learn more about budgeting for your bathroom renovation. 

The Don’ts  

Don’t – Rush Your Timeline 

One of the most important things to do before starting your renovation is to take your time to consult the experts to talk through in detail your budget, lifestyle requirements and ideas, and allow your bathroom renovation to reflect this. 

Ellen also adds, ‘If you’re getting quotes from multiple companies, ensure that they are from comparative companies’. For example, a builder may provide the cheapest quote but will not offer a complete turn-key service. She also warns not to get trapped into quick timeframes. Take your time to find the right people for the project to ensure the job is done right. 

Don’t – Compromise on the Quality of the Materials  

The products you choose for your bathroom space need to be suitable to withstand everyday wear and tear. Bathrooms are hot, steamy, small spaces, and cheap products can wear very quickly in such humid conditions. 

Ellen says, ‘It’s worth spending that little bit extra on better quality fixtures and fittings rather than paying a lot of money in the future to replace a lower quality product.’ 

Don’t – Cut costs on labour

This is probably one of the biggest don’ts! Bathrooms are very labour-intensive rooms due to the amount of work that goes into waterproofing and prepping the space to fit tiles, fixtures, fittings, furniture, etc. “I cannot stress how important it is to get this part right. And to do so, you need to engage with trades that are knowledgeable and experienced. There’s no point in having a bathroom that looks pretty if it’s leaking and causing structural damage to your property.” Ellen says.   

Don’t – forget about storage

Everyone wants a sleek, modern bathroom, and that’s OK! But make sure your design is not only stylish but practical too. “While getting high-quality fixtures and fittings is important, you should also make sure you leave enough of your budget for an adequate amount of storage, as this will leave you with an impractical bathroom you won’t enjoy using”, Ellen warns. 

If you’re unsure how to figure out your priorities, choose quality products and finishes, or work out your budget, don’t despair. Reach out! With 17 years of experience renovating Melbourne bathrooms, we know how to make your existing space and budget work for you without compromising on style. 

 Ellen and the rest of our award-winning design team wish you a very happy Easter!  

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