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Goodbye Cupboard – Hello Drawer: 5 Kitchen Drawer Types to Make Your Life Easier

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when they design their kitchen is overlooking practicality in favour of a ‘look’. When it comes to functionality and style however, one thing is certain: cupboards are out and drawers are in. In fact, the drawer solutions of today are now not only effective in organising and making items more accessible than their cupboard counterparts, but they have a modern and streamlined look as well.

If you want to maximise your kitchen space or make the most of your renovation, we recommend you carefully consider the cabinetry orientation to include drawers wherever possible. There are a number of drawer types that will meet and exceed your expectations, and increase the efficiency and the beauty of your kitchen at the same time.

1. The Soft-Closing Drawer

Soft-closing drawers have been growing in popularity now for a few years. When using this type of drawer (which are available to you in a variety of designs and functions), the mechanism ensures the drawer gently slides inwards and closes it securely.

A soft closure drawer ensures that there is a smooth dampened closing movement, meaning that the drawer can never be slammed closed; the closing action is controlled and safe.

2. The Bin Drawer

A more recent integration into the kitchen drawer has been the bin. But have you ever tried opening your bin drawer whilst washing up? We have taken this solution one step further for the ultimate no-mess integration of this most necessary of kitchen items. Enter: the Servo Drive. Simply use your knee and with just one touch, voila! Your bin drawer opens.

3. The Le Mans Drawer 

Nothing can be more awkward and inconvenient than the corner cupboard. Often being seated centimetres back and often being completely inaccessible, a corner cabinet is hard to access and can leave items hidden for months, if not years.

The old solution? The corner drawer. We are not a fan. The 21st century solution? The uber-functional Le Mans drawer. No longer will you need to hunker down on your hands and knees to search for plates or cookware. With the Le Mans drawer they will be right at your fingertips.

4. The Glass Drawer

They say that seeing is believing, and when it comes to your drawers that could not be more true. By having drawers that feature a front plate of glass, homeowners can easily see exactly what it is they have in their drawers which greatly eliminates the guess work. Not only that, but the glass panel can often be customised to match the atmosphere of the home and kitchen!

5. The Multi-Level Drawer

Move over, drawers of the past! The multilevel drawer has everything you need with one easy pull of its handle. With a multi-level drawer, homeowners are able to easily view everything in the drawer as it slowly expands to reveal exactly what is contained within it. This type of drawer is particularity useful if you have a number of different types of cutlery, knives and other utensils as you will then be able to easily identify and grab exactly what you need while you’re cooking or serving.

Whatever the style of kitchen you’re thinking of, at Smarter Kitchens we welcome your ideas and will work with you to make your dream a reality. Call us on 1300 662 838 to speak with one of our award winning designers or get your inspiration guide for more bathroom renovation ideas.

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