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5 Things You Should Know Before your In-Home Consultation

The perfect place to start on your home renovation journey, is to meet with your Interior Designer in your home to see your space, discuss your project, and seek the answers to all of your burning renovation questions.

We understand that this can be a daunting move to invite someone into your home to discuss a renovation that you don’t yourself know much about. Whether your questions be about the design or drafting of your home, the building or project management process your interior designer can talk you through the entire renovation process, but for now let’s focus on the first step of an in-home consultation and understand what to expect from this very exciting meeting.

Before you invite an interior designer into your home it is worth familiarising yourself with the five essential things you should know before your upcoming in-home consultation. So, when the day comes, you are all set up to make the most out of your meeting!

What does a typical in-home consultation involve?

At your initial free in-home consultation, you will get introduced to your Interior Designer, who will oversee your project from concept to completion. Together with your Designer, you will go through the rooms to be renovated, noting every aspect that isn’t working for you and discussing your wish list. Think about it as a relaxed chat to get to know you better and gain a deep understanding of you and your family’s style, preferences, and needs. The unique thing about in-home consultations is that you get to discuss your space on-site and live, going through details that are hard to convey without your Designer seeing the room in real life. Their expert guidance is what makes the process so exciting! Having a professional assess your project means you’ll only need to focus on what you and your family need while they come up with creative ways to make it happen!

How should I prepare for my in-home consultation?

In-Home consultations are fully tailored to your needs and preferences, so you can do as much or as little prep as you want. A great place to start is to download our advice guide, which is full of expert renovation tips and tricks. Some clients like to prepare a Pinterest board to show their Designer the look and feel they are hoping to achieve with their renovation. Priority lists are also handy, as they can help your Designer understand you better. But if you feel like you don’t have all the answers (yet), that’s nothing to worry about. Your Designer can offer you a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you nail your renovation from day one.

How long will I have one-on-one with a design expert?

To make the most of your in-home consultation, you should allow an hour per room. Your Designer will bounce ideas with you as they assess the space, noting structural elements such as wall positioning, plumbing points, etc. It’s a fun and dynamic process that you will want to make the most of!

What are the key takeaways from my in-home consultation?

After discussing your project and assessing your space, your Designer will be able to give you an estimation of how much your project will cost, and how long the sB+ team will be on site to complete the work. You will also gain a good idea of what kind of work will be needed to achieve your reno goals, along with a deeper understanding of your property’s condition. You will gain a fresh perspective and invaluable advice from an experienced Interior Designer, which will help you plan your upcoming renovation more effectively.

What’s the next step?

If you had a great time exploring possibilities with your Designer and can imagine your renovation dreams coming to life with the sB+ team, then your Designer will put together a design concept proposal and itemised quotation.  That way, you will be able to see down to the last dollar what your project will cost and visually understand what the space will look like.

If you want to proceed to this stage, your Designer will take a $95 per room payment and get to work before you meet them again within a week to go through your detailed quote and concept design in our Port Melbourne or Burwood East showroom (whatever location is more convenient for you)

Excited about starting your renovation project? We hope this article has helped you understand our in-home consultation process! However, if you have questions that we haven’t covered here, please feel free to give us a call at 1300 662 838 for a friendly chat with our knowledgeable showroom consultant. Or pop by your closest smarter BATHROOMS+ showroom.

Feeling inspired and ready to tackle your renovation project?  Book in your FREE in-home consultation to kickstart your reno goals for 2021 today!

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