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How coronavirus will impact Melbourne home interiors

It’s hard to ignore the impact COVID-19 has had on every aspect of our lives, and that includes our home interiors. Great challenges have been met as every member of the family compete to work, home school, prepare meals, stay active and create new habits under the one roof.

It’s inevitable that the way our homes are designed and renovated will change post-COVID. So, let’s explore the new inclusions we won’t be able to live without, and the styles that we’ll be leaving behind post-COVID.

Multi-purpose spaces

With many Melbournians forced to work from home as well as keep busy around the house, it’s become increasingly important for homes to have multi-purpose rooms that have dedicated workspaces or spaces that can be easily reconfigured depending on what’s required from day to day. Our homes now need to accommodate whole family being home and allow each family member to have their own space.

The number one space that should be multi-faceted is the kitchen. As we know the kitchen is used not only for cooking but for socialising, dining, and now working and home schooling too. Including a desk in your kitchen, weather that be behind closed doors so you can keep paper work and clutter tucked away when not in use, or incorporating a designated working space into your island bench there are plenty of opportunities to include a work station into your kitchen design.

Nooks, hallways and space under the stairs are also great places to take advantage of to create a workspace. The key thing to remember when renovating or creating a new space is to think ‘what else can this space be used for?’.

Smart Features

Smart Homes, and the inclusion of technology has been increasing over the years, however with the need to reduce contact and minimize the spread of germs even in our own homes you can expect to see smart features being more widespread in our homes.

From smart taps and toilets, to smart kitchen appliances and virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Home, and sensor lights throughout the home are just some of the features that will become more in-demand for homeowners. These inclusions will not only keep contact between people and surfaces to a minimum but also increase efficiency around the home.

Sustainable homes

It’s hard to ignore the increase in your utilities bills since isolating from home, sparking curiosity as to what can be done to create a more sustainable and energy efficient home.

Some simple changes you could introduce into your home may be investing in energy efficient appliances for your kitchen and laundry, smart tapware features to save water, sensor light switches or installing more skylights to introduce more natural light throughout your renovation.

Interior styling

Having numerous video meetings every week with colleagues and friends have left many of us very self-conscious of how our home interiors look. As we ‘invite’ our co-workers into our home for the first time we are left explaining how outdated our kitchen is in the background, how poorly our homes are lit, and wondering ‘can anyone notice how desperately my walls need to be painted?’ While some aesthetics can be fixed easily with new artwork or a fresh coat of paint others may realise a complete renovation is in order.

Function and Form

As we highlighted above how important how aesthetics are, there’s probably even more importance placed on how our homes function. As we isolate at home, the zones that are going to be getting the most use are the kitchen, bathroom and laundry and if they aren’t functioning effectively it’s going to be very difficult for you and your family to work and live in harmony.

You may start to make observations about how the lack of bench space in the kitchen doesn’t allow more than one person to work or cook, or maybe you’ve noticed with all the washing you’re doing the layout of your laundry just not working anymore. If your frustrations are creeping up with how poorly your home is functioning, it might be the perfect time to start doing something about it.

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