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How much does a bathroom renovation really cost?

When it comes to renovating your bathroom there is always one question on everyone’s lips… ‘How much is it really going to cost?’ We wish it were that simple! There are so many variables involved in renovating your bathroom that can affect the cost, from the size of the room, to the tiling height required and the quality of your fixtures and fittings included; this doesn’t even begin to explore the elements associated with putting together a realistic cost for your bathroom renovation.

Thankfully we sat down with interior designer Hannah Kidd to clear the confusion and shed some light on how much a bathroom renovation will cost you.

How much should I invest in my bathroom renovation?

‘When beginning your bathroom renovation cost finding journey the perfect place to start is to use this handy rule of thumb,’ advises Hannah ‘You should be investing 5% to 10% of your home’s value into your bathroom renovation.’ Second to only the kitchen at the heart of your home, the bathroom is a vital room in your house to get right the first time as it needs to not only be functional and stylish, but most importantly it needs to be water tight. Don’t run the risk of cutting costs on your bathroom renovation, as it can end up being a very costly decision down the line.

Smaller scale bathroom renovation $30,000+

A small scale bathroom renovation will cost $30k+. This cost will allow for the bathroom design, demolition of the existing space, supply and installation of new materials, fixtures and fittings with all required onsite trades and project management. At this price point, don’t expect any major changes to the layout with features such as the plumbing and lighting to remain in the existing locations. “You can expect to include entry level, to mid-range finishes in the bathroom, including engineered stone benchtops within this price range. This will provide a whole new look and feel to your bathroom without altering the layout of the room.” Says Hannah. ‘As a guide the cost break down of a smaller scale bathroom renovation will work out at 1/3 of the cost covering the materials, fixtures and fittings and 2/3 of the cost covering the onsite building works and trades’ Hannah explains.

Larger scaler bathroom renovation $45,000+

A larger scale bathroom renovation may include any of the above whilst allowing for changes to the layout, relocating the lighting and plumbing, as well as additional cabinetry options. “Keep in mind if your design involves opening up the space with the removal of walls for example, expect the cost to increase by another $10-20k” Hannah advises. A larger scale project allows for more freedom to indulge in luxuries such as double showers, underfloor heating, feature tiles or tiling from floor to ceiling.

Understand the breakdown of costs

‘When our sB+ design team meets with clients in their homes, we provide detailed estimation’s based on their unique space’ Hannah explains. If you aren’t quite ready for an in-home design and estimation consultation then here are some of the areas of your bathroom to consider to avoid a renovation budget blow out.

  • Plumbing costs will increase as you move plumbing points or require the installation of additional elements
  • Tiling costs would be dependent on the size of your bathroom and if you’re tiling both the floor and wall, and taking the wall tiles right up to the ceiling.
  • Shower screen costs will vary according to the size, price increases will be noted as the shower screen gets bigger and becomes frameless.
  • Built in acrylic or fiberglass bath will be an entry level option and a freestanding option will increase the cost, even more so for stone baths.
  • Depending on the toilet you choose you can expect a back to wall freestanding toilet option to be entry level, increasing in cost to include a built in cistern.
  • You can expect a variety of costs to be involved in your vanity unit, a smaller unit will work out to be a more cost effective option comparer to larger, with natural material such as timber veneer and stone adding to the vanity cost.

It’s important not to base your renovation decision on the cheapest quote you obtain, as this may be indicative of the level of service provided. Invest in the services of a qualified project manager and expert tradespeople to ensure you receive high quality workmanship, with a result that will last.

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The first step is to get a design expert into your home to take the guess work out of your bathroom renovation costs. Book a FREE in-home consultation with Hannah or another member of our design team, to work with you to cost out your dream bathroom renovation today.

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