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How much does a new kitchen cost?

There isn’t one simple answer to the frequently asked question ‘how much does a new kitchen cost’ as there are several factors to consider, from the size of your kitchen to the amount of joinery you will need, trades required to structural changes. 

Interior designer Russell Henderson sheds some light on costs associated with creating your dream kitchen, and the importance of understanding how much you should be investing in your new kitchen.

What exactly am I paying for?

“Ballpark figures are often tossed around when enquiring about a kitchen renovation project, however it’s important to understand what’s included and the breakdown of the costs involved” says Henderson. At smarterBATHROOMS+ we ensure that our clients are given a detailed estimate that explains exactly how much each project is likely to cost, and why.

As a general guide, here’s what you should expect as an average cost breakdown for your kitchen renovation:

  • Joinery: 40% of your overall costs
  • Labour: 30% of your overall costs
  • Appliances: 15% of your overall costs
  • Benchtops & splashbacks: 10% of your overall costs
  • Lighting: 5% of your overall costs

Small kitchen renovation: $35,000+

A small kitchen renovation project will start from $35,000. “This will allow for demolition of the existing kitchen space, and installation of new cabinetry, benchtops and a new splashback with all required trades. At this price point it would be assumed that no major changes would be required to the kitchen layout, with features such as the sink location, flooring and lighting to remain as is” Russell explains. You can expect to include entry level to mid range cabinetry finishes and appliance options, providing you with a whole new look and feel to your kitchen. Finishes such as laminate cabinetry, engineered stone bench tops and tiled splash backs will fall within this price range.


Larger scale kitchen renovation: $55,000+

A larger scale renovation project may include any or all of the above whilst also allowing for changes to the layout, new flooring, relocating the lighting and sink location, as well as additional cabinetry options. Whilst a larger scale kitchen renovation can start at $55,000 this cost could increase by $10-$20k if you are to open up the space with the removal of walls, for example. For finishes there are lot more options available such as natural stone benchtops or a premium tile splash back. “Kitchen materials and finishes can significantly effect the projects over all cost, selecting a natural marble bench top, with matching splash back for example will increase the overall spend depending on not only the amount of marble used, but the colour/marble selected. it can be a mind field out there for new renovators.” Russell says.


Our advice:

Be prepared for the unexpected

We always do our best to ensure we provide detailed and accurate price estimates to our clients, however in any renovation project there is always the possibility of unexpected surprises arising, that could add on an extra expense to your budget.

Costs will vary 

Each individual kitchen project is unique, and the project cost can be equally as unique, depending on location and how old your home is, the scope of the work involved and the finishes you choose. It’s important to get an idea of how much your dream kitchen will cost to allow you to adjust your expectations accordingly with your budget.

The first step is to get an expert into your home to take the guess work out of your kitchen renovation costs. Book a FREE in-home consultation with Russell or any other member of our expert design team, to work with you to cost out your dream kitchen renovation.

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