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Kitchen design ideas – Determine your favourite kitchen design style

Kitchen Designs

Once you have determined the best kitchen layout for you and the way you run you life, then the fun stuff starts. Narrowing down your kitchen design ideas to one style.

I found this article on the American houzz site, and have adapted it to suit our more Australian style and taste.

Kitchen design or styles are easier to recognize with your eyes than with words: You know it when you see it, and the photo that inspires you most can often surprise you. Think you know your kitchen style? Check out these guides to the most popular kitchen design styles / themes, then tell us which one you would like to take home with you!

Modern kitchens

Definitions of “modern” vary widely, but when we think of modern kitchen designs, we often think of frameless cabinets, sleek and simple hardware, strong horizontal lines and a lack of ornamentation, with the natural beauty of the materials shining through. Sometimes in the past we have referred to these as ‘Minimalistic” but use of that term has gone out of style a bit.

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens can be very sleek, but while a purely modern kitchen often celebrates structure and grid, a contemporary kitchen is often more playful in form and finishes, including elements of other styles and creating its own reflection of the times.

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens are defined by their details, which can include arches, decorative mouldings and corbels, raised-panel cabinets, a mix of antique finishes and furniture-like turned legs — even a chandelier. They tend to have a classic American/ English or old-world flavour. Recently we have done a couple of this style in a graphite colour, which looked stunning. Stand by for the photos..

Transitional or Classic Contemporary Kitchens

Think of a Classic/ Contemporary style kitchen as the great moderator. With the warmth and welcome of traditional design and the clean, simple lines of contemporary style, Classic contemporary kitchens project balance and harmony. Because they offer a great deal of flexibility, they’re a great choice for homeowners whose taste spans the two, or to blend in a the character of a period home with the modern needs of today’s life.

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If you are still stuck after reading this – I love this short quiz on the houzz website, which helps you sort out which design style appeals to you and fits best with your lifestyle.

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