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How to Spend your Kitchen Renovation Budget Wisely

When planning a kitchen renovation, many homeowners face the challenge of creating a space they love within a kitchen renovation budget they can afford. Choosing high-quality benchtop options, deciding on the perfect cabinetry finishes, selecting an appliance package…all these elements can quickly add up to a far larger sum than initially anticipated.

While striking the perfect balance can be difficult, the good news is that there are plenty of ways you can create your dream kitchen while sticking to your pre-determined budget. To help you with the process, we put together a spend and save guide based on our expert interior designers’ recommendations.

Kitchen Renovation Budget Ideas

It’s always wise to spend your money where it will be the most effective, and when it comes to a kitchen renovation, that can be a bit tricky. There are so many things you can do in your kitchen — what is right for one person may not be right for another.

When deciding how to spend your money,  the key is to reflect on how you will use your space, who will use it, and what you want to experience from it. Reflecting on these areas will give you a good idea of where your money is best spent.  

Think about what you don’t like about your current kitchen.  It may be storage space or an awkward layout. If there is something bothering you about your current kitchen, figure out what would make that problem go away and allocate the budget accordingly. A good designer will be able to help with this type of issue as well as create a custom solution for you.

Here are some examples of how to spend your budget depending on what you want to achieve with your kitchen renovation.

Practical Kitchen Budget

If you’re renovating your kitchen and want it to be stylish but functional, you should consider the following tips:

Spend on Appliances 

Think about the different activities that take place in your kitchen. If you are someone who values practicality then spending a little extra on high-quality appliances options will be worth it.

Splurge on a great-sized fridge (integrated options are certainly the way to goFresh produce needs a lot of space to store and often has a shorter shelf life.

Make sure nothing gets lost or forgotten at the back of the pantry with pull out solutions, a space tower pantry, and plenty of inner drawers is a great space-saving option. 

Save on Benchtop and Cabinetry Finishes

You’ll not regret including a stone/quartz man-made benchtop to get a sleek designer finish. A quartz benchtop looks great, is easier to clean than natural stone and comes in plenty of colours to suit any interior style.  

You could also save by picking laminate cabinetry finishes instead of the more expensive 2PAC (Painted finish) or timber veneer finishes. Laminate is easier to clean and care for and come in a heap of stylish colours and finishes.

Another clever way for you to save is to break in the cabinetry by using open shelves. Open shelves create a great aesthetic detail and are practical for storing your kitchen essentials.  

Family Kitchen Budget

If your kitchen is the very definition of buzzing and the true heart of your home, then consider these tips. 

Spend on a big island

If there are multiple people using the space at any given time, then think about accessibility and storage needs so that the space accommodates everyone best. 

Definitely invest in a big island bench, as it’ll give you more room to spread out and work comfortably while preparing meals. Integrating seating within the island bench is a great way to get the kids involved and share more time together. A large pantry with drawers in customised heights can be a real life-changer, helping you keep all your cookware and benchtop appliances organised and out of sight.  

Save on your splashback

Save money by going for a ceramic subway tile splashbackCeramic tiles are affordable, easy to clean and will stand the test of time. Pair them with dark grout to make maintenance even easier. 

For your benchtop, with little kids, avoid natural stone surfaces because as stunning as they are, they stain easier than man-made alternatives like quartz. A quartz benchtop is a great option for a family kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Budget

A luxury kitchen is all about indulgence meeting functionality to create a kitchen experience that will meet your every need with ease, the possibilities are endless.

Spend on elevated options

From marble countertops to gourmet appliances, there are many ways to splurge as well as ways to spend your renovation budget wisely.

Cabinetry costs will vary greatly depending on the intricacy of your job and the finishes you choose. If you’re on a bigger budget, consider selecting a more luxurious cabinet finish such as 2pack paint. or a natural timber veneer. It’s a special feature that can truly amp up your kitchen’s appeal.

Consider splurging on a great piece of natural stone for your benchtop or splashback along the same lines, but as we said, keep in mind they need a bit more TLC than their engineered counterparts.

Avid bakers and cooks may also consider designing a double oven into the kitchen, allowing you to cook large quantities at differing temperatures at the same time. 

Save on cabinetry

Open shelving can be a great way to add architectural interest and increase storage space without spending a fortune on cabinetry. It also allows you to display pretty dishes and glassware, making it easy to pull together a beautiful vignette when you entertain.

Entertainer Kitchen Budget

Your lifestyle plays an important role when it comes to determining where your money should go during your kitchen renovation. If you love entertaining, these tips will help you create a kitchen you’ll love to host in.

Spend on aesthetic details

If you love entertaining, consider spending on smart cabinetry solutions. For example,  having a way to conceal everyday benchtop appliances like toaster and kettle makes for a real show-kitchen when entertaining, keeping the space looking clean and without fuss.

Include as many drawers as possible for easy access, and store heavy items in the top drawers to avoid bending down to reach. For a real luxurious look and feel, upgrade your cabinet finish to timber veneer, and if you’re a fan of ‘cabinetry jewellery’, consider including designer handles in luxe metals.   

Save on appliances 

If you are not too interested in cooking these days, then you can save by including basic but high-quality appliances. There’s little point in having a professional kitchen worthy of a Michelin-starred Chef if you don’t plan to go near your cookbooks very often.

Saying that always make sure your appliances are made by a reputable manufacturer to make sure they will last for years to come.

Once you begin to understand the breakdown of the costs, it’s a matter to familiarise yourself with the options and choose the ones that work for you. Keep in mind the primary use and users of your kitchen, think about how you want to experience the space, and make sure you spend your money wisely on things that are highly functional and reflective of those needs.

Working collaboratively with an interior designer is a surefire way to make your budget work for you. Interior Designers specialising in bathrooms and kitchens know every product, finish and fixture under the sun,  

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