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How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost

A kitchen renovation is an exciting, yet big project. When costing your kitchen renovation, you need to consider a multitude of elements, from appliances and flooring to joinery and trades, before you even get into selecting colours and finishes! 


While each project is unique and will require different expenses depending on personal preferences, there are some commonalities that most people can expect. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with an overview of the main costs of renovating a kitchen, as well as tips for getting started with your own kitchen renovation! 


Average Kitchen Renovation Cost 

Establishing a realistic budget is the undisputed first step of a kitchen renovation. As a general rule, it makes sense to allocate 5 to 10% of your home’s value into renovating wet areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry. 


For a small-scale kitchen project, an average of $35,000 is the starting point. This figure includes your kitchen designed by an interior designer, drafting services, demolition, trades, and project management from start to finish—this is a great starting point, with excellent quality materials and fixtures of a more affordable range. 

Around the $55,000 mark, you can start considering a more complex renovation. We’re talking about changes to the layout, relocation of electrical and plumbing, smart storage solutions, and extras like new flooring, as well as more complex cabinetry options. 

With so many people spending more time in the kitchen than ever throughout lockdown and beyond, we’re seeing many clients allocating additional funds to their kitchen renovations to ensure their full wish list can be included. Due to recent lifestyle changes from the pandemic, this room has become an activity hub for families and households alike. With such high usage, it’s beneficial to invest in upgrades like pull out drawers in the pantry and smart storage solutions that will keep things accessible while also ensuring everything stays clean and tidy at home!

Breaking Down the Costs 


Cabinetry costs will vary greatly depending on the intricacy of your job and the finishes you choose. For example, cupboards are generally cheaper than drawers, and timber veneer finishes cost more than laminate finishes. If you’re on a tighter budget, it’s worth considering selecting more affordable finishes like laminate – favouring a functional design over a luxury finish. Your Interior Designer will help you find the best solution to suit your home and your budget.


Tiles and Splashback

When it comes to tiles for your kitchen, there are many options at varying price points. There is something perfect for every style and taste, from natural marble tiles for a luxurious look or ceramic subway tile in a brick lay pattern, the options are really endless! Our expert Interior Designers and Specifiers are passionate about finding the most beautiful, durable products in the market, and they can help you select the best products to suit your kitchen renovation.



Benchtops come in various prices and materials, from the inexpensive laminate to the pricier natural stone. Laminate benchtops is a super durable option that comes in multiple colours and attractive finishes and is also super quick to install. Natural stone can elevate any design to the next level and has a beautiful organic quality, making it a timeless favourite.


In the middle, you can find a sleek manufactured stone, commonly called Quartz (think of the Caesarstone brand), that provides designer appeal without the hefty price tag of natural stone. Quartz is an attractive and durable material that’s easy to clean and available in many different colours and textures, making it an excellent fit for any interior style. 


Tapware and Sink

There are many different types of taps available on the market today. From designer options to the trusty classics, there is a tap perfect for every budget out there! Whichever your style, our advice is to invest in a good quality, durable product from a trusted supplier. When selecting your kitchen taps, don’t skimp as you will use them every day. Durability is vital to ensure they stand the test of time and do not break down; otherwise, you’ll need to replace them often. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to sinks either, so you should take some time thinking about what will work best for your specific needs and style. A stainless-steel sink is typically the cheapest option, but if you want something with more flair like copper or bronze, they will be slightly more expensive. Double bowl sinks are an attractive choice for people with larger families as they make it easier to clean large pots and pans, which is a great advantage when cooking meals in bulk. However, if you’re not used to washing dishes by hand or prefer less heavy-duty work, the double kitchen sink may waste your valuable bench space. Think about what your washing routine looks like, and pick the sink that you know will fit your needs and wants!


Handles and Accessories 

Maybe you want a sleek, modern look and feel to your kitchen. If so, consider a handle-less design that includes finger pull solutions instead of using handles on the cabinets. Or maybe you love natural materials like bronze or timber and would rather add them in small amounts than in bulkier items like sinks and splashbacks. In this case, handless can provide elegant accents to your design, which can be a great way to spend your kitchen renovation budget.


When it comes to appliances, we always recommend investing in high quality and durable ones from a trusted brand like Fisher & Paykel as we know they will last the distance. The main thing is finding your perfect fit, to suit your cooking, cleaning and storage needs!


 When you are planning out your kitchen renovation, many upgrades will be worth considering. For example, a custom pantry with different depth drawers and shelves at custom heights is a real game-changer. It keeps all your cookware and appliances organized, out of sight, and accessible at any time. 


There are many functional kitchen accessories you can add to your design to enhance your kitchen experience. These include smart corners, lazy Susans, and pull out bins, which may be installed in any corner or wall area that makes sense. While they cost a bit more to install, these products can help you increase storage space in your cabinets while also improving their functionality by keeping all your items easily accessible. 


Upgrading your GPOs, so they include USB ports or installing under cabinet lighting for task light overhead are also excellent choices if you’re after the ultimate kitchen.


Finally, you should know that tradespeople will take out a significant portion of your renovation budget with skilled and reliable professionals at a premium. You can’t have a kitchen renovation without carpenters, cabinet installers, plumbers, electricians and tilers. And don’t forget about Project Managers, needed to oversee everything making sure your kitchen renovation runs smoothly! Finding the right trade for your project and costing them separately can be a nightmare but, you don’t have to worry about that. When you renovate your kitchen with smarter BATHROOMS+ you can rest assured only the most skilled, trusted and reliable trades will work on your renovation. We’ll also take care of the entire process for you, so, in the end, there’s only one price to look at (and we stick to it!)

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