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The must-have luxury inclusions every bathroom needs

The bathroom which was once seen as a working space has shifted into becoming a place of luxury. Gone are the days where people are in a rush to get in and out of the space as quickly as possible, but rather now cherish the time they get to spend in the space.

Are you wishing your bathroom reflected a space of luxury as opposed to a work-zone? Then look no further as we have put together our top inclusions to create the ultimate luxurious bathroom that you won’t want to leave.

Bathe in style 

A freestanding bath emulates luxury from any angle and if you plan to include one of these in your bathroom, a general rule of thumb is the deeper, the better. There’s nothing worse than having your knees or shoulders freeze as they stick out of the water. For complete relaxation, you want to be entirely submerged up to your neck.

Our picks for a freestanding bath are a stone egg-shaped tub or a clawfoot tub. It’ll be dependent on your design and how much space you have to work with but either one will make a statement within your bathroom.

Step up your heating game

It’s becoming increasingly hard to get out of bed on a cold morning especially in the middle of our cold Melbourne Winters. That feeling of leaving your warm bed and walking across freezing cold tiles can be the worst way to wake up, which is why you need to step up your heating game with underfloor heating. You can program the thermostat, so it can be set to start warming your tiles before you even wake up. This makes getting out of bed on a Winter morning much easier!

And don’t stop there – you should also include a heated towel rail for your bath towels. There is something so satisfying about grabbing a warm dry towel from a heated towel ladder as you step out of a steaming hot shower. It might be a small touch but will make a world of difference.

Create a day-spa feel with a rain shower

You need to include a rain-shower head in your bathroom because similarly to a bathtub, there’s no greater feeling than being completely submerged by water.

To really up the lush-factor make sure you select a shower head in which you can control the spray pattern, allowing you to adjust the water patterns from revitalising or relaxing, to stimulating or soothing and for that extra touch consider a secondary wall-mounted shower or hand shower.

Warm up with woods

Materials like brass, terrazzo and marble are the top choices for a luxurious space however as they are typically cold textures they need to be balanced out with some warmer ones too.

Timbers and honed stones are perfect for warming up the space – you could keep it simple with a timber vanity paired with a stone benchtop for example.

Intelligent lighting solutions 

It’s easy to overlook this aspect especially in the bathroom as most of us are thinking about the relaxation element. However, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom getting ready in the morning and performing activities where you will need to see better so it’s important to install the right kind of lighting, that’s in all the right places too.

Install downlights over the mirror, while placing lighting sconces closer to the bath and shower creates ambience. For a real luxe option, you can construct a window above the footprint of the shower so you benefit from natural light in your bathroom while changing your bathroom experience — imagine seeing the night sky as you shower. Also consider including downward facing lights to the underside of your vanity unit, to give the room a sense of class and sophistication.


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