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Transform your bathroom into a day spa

We think the only thing better than going to a day spa is having one inside your own home, which is why we’ve put together these tips on how to transform your bathroom into a space of indulgent luxury.

Freestanding bath

Have you ever walked into a bathroom, seen a freestanding bathtub and just thought, ‘wow’? You’re not alone. These kinds of baths have made a splash in the industry.

If you plan to include one of these in your bathroom, a general rule of thumb is the deeper, the better. There’s nothing worse than having your knees or shoulders freeze as they stick out of the water. For complete relaxation, you want to be entirely submerged up to your neck.

Depending on the space you have, you can make this the feature of the room by placing it centre stage, or you can position it next to a window if you like to bathe with a view. For added luxury, decorate your bathroom windowsill with greenery, so it becomes a beautiful backdrop to the space. Succulents are great, as they provide natural beauty with none of the effort.

Rain shower

A rain shower – oh the bliss! Just like the bathtub, there’s no greater feeling than being completely submerged by water.

You may worry that this kind of shower head will have less pressure but it isn’t true. Rain shower heads deliver a high-enough water pressure so that you feel clean. And, many manufacturers create shower heads in which you can control the spray pattern, allowing you to adjust the water patterns from revitalising or relaxing, to stimulating or soothing.

Natural elements

Use nature as an inspiration for textures and finishes, such as timber and stone, to give your space an earthy feel. Play around with different materials and textures to create a feature wall – behind or next to your freestanding bath is the ideal location to emphasise the sense of luxury.

Or, keep it simple with accents. Choose a natural stone benchtop and timber vanity, or a timber towel ladder, for a refined organic aesthetic.

Cabinetry lighting

You can use smart design to better control the lighting within your bathroom, and therefore create a mood-lit space in which to luxuriate.

Not only does recessed lighting look amazing, it is also practical. By simply including downward facing lights to the underside of your vanity unit, you can give the room a sense of class and sophistication. For an added effect, place the light on a sensor switch to automatically turn on – this is perfect for night time.

Under floor heating

There is nothing worse than waking up from the warmth of your bed and padding to the bathroom only to freeze as you stand on the cold floor. That’s why under floor heating is the ultimate luxury.

Include under floor heating throughout your bathroom, or nominate smaller areas, such as in front of your vanity unit, so you can keep warm as you get ready in the morning.

Floating furniture

Bathrooms can be one of the most painful places to clean, which is why we are loving floating cabinetry and toilet fixtures. When these sanitary items are attached to the wall, you no longer have to negotiate small spaces with the mop or vacuum – plus, they look stunning and give the room an added sense of space.


So, call our expert team at smarterBATHROOMS+ to find out how we can help you transform your bathroom into a modern day spa.

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