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Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss

Feeling like you’ve run out of small bathroom renovation ideas? Although it might seem impossible to transform your small bathroom into the space that you’ve always dreamt of, don’t be discouraged! There are so many ways you can turn your small bathroom into a beautiful and practical space you love spending time in.

From clever storage to carefully planned lighting, our expert interior designers are here to help with their top 5 tips for transforming your small bathroom into a stunning and practical space. Are you ready to create the perfect bathroom for your home? Read on!

Use space cleverly

If creating a highly functional small bathroom is your goal, then it’s wise to enlist an experienced interior designer to help you out. While it may seem like common sense to take advantage of every available space, it is important to know exactly how to execute this feat without ending up with an overcrowded, uncomfortable space.

For example, if you have a small bathroom you can make the most of your space by using recessed mirrored cabinets, shower niches, nib walls and other solutions. A professional interior designer will help you select the options that work best for your space.

Experiment with mirrors

The addition of a mirror to any bathroom can instantly transform a space, as mirrors have the ability to add depth and make a room appear larger. Mirrors also have the added benefit of hiding storage space, as cabinetry can be installed behind them.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your choice of mirror! From beautiful arched mirrors to oversized round mirrors and everything in between, there are many gorgeous options to choose from. And if you love incorporating the latest tech into your home, then you won’t be disappointed! Today, you can get smart mirrors you can adjust to different kinds of lighting setups depending on your needs as well as blue tooth audio options, to take singing in the shower to the next level.

Consider large-format tiles

Choosing finishes that have ‘expanding’ properties to eliminate any visual clutter is key to creating the illusion of extra space, and large-format tiles are instrumental in creating this illusion.

Great options are a soft subtle concrete-look finish, as the mottled pattern will disguise day-to-day dust and dirt, eliminating the need for excessive cleaning. And by selecting a matching grout colour, the floor will look like one continuous streamlined piece.

With less grouting and lines to break up the visuals, the bathroom will appear broader and seem to have a higher ceiling. The minimal cleaning is just a bonus!

Plan your lighting

A layered approach to lighting can be useful in every room of your house, but it’s especially useful in small bathrooms where you want to create the perception of space while increasing overall illumination and minimising shadows. In addition, multiple lighting sources are a sure-fire way to enhance your bathroom’s functionality and style.

One way to layer lighting in a small bathroom is by pairing flush-mounted LED ceiling downlights with strip lights under a floating vanity unit. The downlights provide even illumination, while the cabinetry lights provide mood lighting. Another great option for a small bathroom is to install a decorative pendant light on a dimmer switch. This type of fixture adds a point of interest to the room while allowing you to switch from task lighting to mood lighting with the flick of a switch, literally.

These are some of the most innovative techniques you can implement in your small bathroom to maximise light.

Don’t forget about natural light too – Whilst windows are often naturally incorporated into bathrooms there are other ways to introduce more natural lighting such as a skylight.

Consider floating furniture

Floating furniture such as vanity units and in-wall toilet cisterns are great options for small bathrooms to maximise floor space and make a space feel instantly bigger and uncluttered.

Another great option for a small bathroom is pairing your floating vanity with a fully formed benchtop with an integrated basin. Not only is it clean and streamlined, but it also makes for a beautiful design detail in a small bathroom space.


Finally, taking a few hours to declutter your small bathroom can pay off in many ways. The best part is that you don’t have to wait until your renovation is complete to start! We recommend storing only your essentials in a small bathroom—for example, items you reach out for every day such as toilet paper and skin care etc. Other items, such as a tanning spray or bug repellent, can easily be stored elsewhere in the house so they don’t take up valuable real estate in your small bathroom.

Are you ready to maximise your space and create the bathroom of your dreams? Our expert design team can explore all your renovation options and help you transform your small bathroom. Get in touch with us on 1300 662 838 or book in your FREE in-home consultation today.

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