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What’s new in 2015 in kitchens

When it’s time to freshen up the kitchen or build a brand new one into your new home, it’s worth looking at what’s popular in current design. And while tastes differ, there are fundamentals that remain the same. We researched what Australia’s top kitchen designers predict, including, Smarter Kitchen’s design manager, Vanessa Cook. Get the latest on seven trends that will transform your kitchen this year.

Does anyone remember the Brady Bunch kitchen? It was a mix of modern appliances and wood cabinetry with atrocious 1970s colours, but had several key features: The Brady Bunch kitchen featured the built in wall oven, island bench and of course Alice. It had everything. Looking at it today, it is certainly a renovator’s dream; the same can be said for most kitchens – with a few changes, they have the potential for some serious style. So what’s new for kitchens in 2015?

Design trend 1 – Cabinetry

It’s all about good wood. Different wood grains and wood stains will have an impact this year. The old oak tree is also in demand for your cabinets as are driftwood inspired textures. Designers are looking at incorporating pale woods and warm honey tones.

Another cabinet trend to consider is pairing minimalist white tones that go well with minimalist white appliances. It’s a simple, clean look that never really dates.

One final point for small updates with big impact – Vanessa explains “it’s all about the accents – copper, bronze and stainless steel are all great for a quick update that you can make to doors and handles for an added element of style”. If your budget is limited, grab some of the latest metallic paint colours, and add a fresh lick of paint to your tired bench legs and cabinets. You’ll marvel at how well the kitchen transforms with such a simple solution.

Design trend 2 – Colourful accents

Vanessa Cook advises that the biggest colour palette of the year will be plummy tones, with Pantone’s colour of the year being announced as Marsala – “you’ll see plummy tones not only in fashion, but in home furnishings, cabinets, kitchen accessories and more,” she says. These earthy red tones mirror the wine, and will bring an aura of warmth to your kitchen. At the very least, it’s a great excuse to crack open a nice bottle of red!

Another huge colour element for kitchens is all about black. Sleek matt black taps, sinks and handles will give your kitchen a cool elegance. “It’s all about the luxe trends this year, and black fittings create a touch that makes a simple luxury statement” says Vanessa.

We touched on metallic colours and surfaces for cabinetry, but fitting in with the popularity of the luxe feel are copper and bronze tones. This is something you can add just a touch of, with copper or bronze pots and pans, or that you can go completely crazy with, including light fittings with bronze elements or tiles will make your kitchen feel oh-so glamorous.

Design trend 3 – Open up the floor

Remove the door and open the floor. Open plan living is still a big drawcard in 2015. It creates space and when done correctly connects all living areas through smart design elements. To do it correctly you need to keep the décor consistent between rooms. Choose some accent colours from the family room, coordinate artwork and accessories to create a seamless feel between each.

Design trend 4 – The modern traditional look

It sounds like a contradiction, but it isn’t. All it means is there is a move away from traditional one-colour kitchens towards a mix of colour and texture. According to Sydney designer Kesha Pillay, “flat-panel cabinet doors are being replaced with classic door profiles. Materials are being mixed: stainless steel with timber, timber with marble.

“We are designing kitchens with custom canopies with under mount range hoods and steering away from glass splash-backs instead using tiles. We are moving away from chrome handles, and replacing them with black, pewter and brushed nickel.”

Kesha is also a proponent of open shelving to create more kitchen space. “Open shelving personalises the space, making it feel lived in and warm, while keeping the kitchen functional and easy to use,” she says.

Design trend 5 – Patterns are back, baby!

Who would have thought? The Brady Bunch would be proud of you if you hung some wallpaper patterns in your kitchen. When done tastefully, adding patterned elements can look exceptional. It can add visual impact and give contrast to a minimalist colour palette. Vanessa Cook notes that “In particular, teardrop tiles of the 60s and 70s are having a big resurgence this year”.

Design trend 6 – The furniture look

Interior designer Greg Natale believes that furniture style kitchens will be all the rage in 2015 as the kitchen moves another step forward to becoming the hub of the home. “The incredible designs available celebrate the different elements of the kitchen as pieces of beautiful furniture, not just workstations, which allows people to bring their own personal, warm, welcoming touch to this space,” Natale says.

Design trend 7 – Touchy, feely

The kitchen will become a tactile experience as we look to incorporate textures in their natural form. The smooth finish is gone. Natural marble. Natural granite. Natural timber. Try to keep your hands off your walls and put them back around your partner’s shoulders like Mike and Carol Brady do.

What you want from your kitchen design is to be on trend, but at the same time trend proof. If you can achieve this, then it doesn’t matter if your kitchen looks as warm as a renovated Brady Bunch kitchen, or as stark and minimalist as Nigella Lawson’s. There are so many trends to look for that in the end, you just want something you feel comfortable and happy with for the many years that you occupy your home.

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