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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Designing a Tween Bathroom (Without the Fuss)

It’s a fact: teenagers spend their formative years divided between their phone and the bathroom.  The interior design industry are accommodating this peculiar life stage by engineering custom tween bathrooms.  Ask any parent who routinely waits patiently as their tween indulges in their 40 minute shower; a separate bathroom is...

5 Considerations When Selecting a Kitchen Bench Top

Deciding on a kitchen bench is a delicate balance of aesthetics and durability; it’s an element that must look appealing, and last the distance. When considering this addition, write a list of qualities you expect from your bench top in order of priority, for example: a large family may choose...

Kitchen Inspiration

A warm old weatherboard home sat on the edge of Melbourne’s CBD, just over the Westgate Bridge; a stunning piece of Australian architecture owned by a young couple that was in desperate need of a revival. Award-winning Smarter Kitchens Designer Susan Cleveland stepped in and advised the eager homeowners to...

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