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Kitchen Renovation Trends you Don’t Want to Miss in 2023

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen in 2023? If yes, then consider this blog post a must-read. We’ve got fresh insights from our expert interior designers on what’s trending right now in kitchens so that you can get inspired for your kitchen renovation. Ready to learn all about the upcoming 2023 kitchen trends and styles? Keep reading!

Japandi Kitchen Design Trend

Japandi’s design principles combine Japanese and Scandinavian elements to produce a look that is both functional and appealing. This kitchen style minimises design elements that may not be necessary while still focusing on comfort and homeliness. The result is a highly functional kitchen that still maintains comfort and homeliness.  A Japandi kitchen is therefore connected to the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi”, which values asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, economy and modesty.

Japandi kitchens are characterised by a streamlined design with clean lines, the use of natural materials and a minimal palette to create a calming, lived-in aesthetic. These kitchens often use natural timbers in light oak finishes as the main material, which acts as an anchor point in the space while also creating a warm atmosphere. Japandi kitchens often feature hand-glazed tiles, giving the space an extra layer of texture.

The overall aim of this style is to create a comfortable space to live in without too many unnecessary details or additions that could distract from this goal.

Common features in a Japandi kitchen may include light oak finishes, hand-glazed tiles, highly functional storage solutions to blind corners, and high cabinetry with automated lifts. Another inclusion that makes sense in a Japandi kitchen is a large pantry with more storage and worktop area to  help keep spaces free of clutter.

Modern Elegance Kitchen Design Trend

A Modern Elegance kitchen is very much on trend for 2023, and it looks like it will be around for a long time. This kitchen style is inspired by classic designs but updated with more contemporary elements, creating a look of elegance with restraint.

The focus of this style is symmetry — with a high level of detail on the finishes. Despite its sophistication, modern elegance is not brash or brassy. It combines modern design with traditional craftsmanship to create a timeless look that’s also very practical. Modern elegance kitchens are designed to be practical and easy to use while still looking gorgeous. They are an ideal choice if you want a chic space that’s functional and easy to maintain, which means they’re perfect for busy families!

The appliances are usually stainless steel and are often hidden by cabinet doors so they don’t detract from the overall look of the space. Other features may include profiled cabinetry elements, detailed stone edging and timeless subway tiles.

Urban Kitchen Style Trend

An Urban kitchen is a monochromatic, bold, no-nonsense design approach for people who want a simple and functional backdrop that can support their life. The kitchen will be like a domesticated version of a commercial kitchen.  This design style can work great in small and large kitchens.  Tough, functional with a hint toward the industrial.

A modern urban kitchen has bold, monochromatic surfaces made from durable materials such as engineered stone benchtops contrasting with light or dark high-quality laminates. The high contrast between these materials gives the room an edgy, contemporary feel that’s both sophisticated and inviting.

The urban aesthetic is also characterised by its functionality — kitchens are planned with ample storage space, so that everything has its place. Urban kitchens often include an island where food preparation happens; this area is typically open to the rest of the room so that it doubles as an informal dining area when entertaining guests.

An urban kitchen is very adaptable and can be given more detail with injected texture – think timber grains, or brushed metal features.

Coastal Kitchen Style Trend

If you love the feeling of being on holiday, then a coastal-style kitchen is for you. The look is relaxed and easygoing, with an emphasis on family and friends coming together. There’s often a mix of old and new, with plenty of natural timbers and weathered finishes.

In a coastal kitchen, you can find an abundance of natural timbers—perhaps a little worn over years of service—to give a lived-in effect. The kitchen layout is typically open plan, with high ceilings and large windows letting in plenty of natural light. As coastal kitchens are all about sharing, they usually feature family-friendly surfaces that are easy to live with, with curved and forgiving corners.

Colour is also important in this style of kitchen, and you will find it more integrated into the design rather than having it “pop” here or there. With its warm and lived-in look, Coastal truly is a design that has the ability to grow and transform over time.

Common features of a coastal kitchen are easy accessibility, curved timber battened island backs, and colours reminiscent of the Australian coast.

Design a Kitchen That Feels Like You

No matter which style you prefer, a great kitchen should feel like a space designed just for you—even if it’s considered outside the bounds of what’s currently “on-trend.” At the end of the day, what’s important is that your kitchen reflects your needs, taste and personality.

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