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Our Secrets to the Perfect Laundry Renovation, Revealed

If you’re adding a laundry renovation to your bathroom or kitchen renovation plans, then this blog is for you. We’ve asked our award-winning interior designers for their top laundry renovation recommendations, so you can start planning a laundry you will actually want to spend time in! 

Laundry Renovations Melbourne

Laundries are, by nature, one of the most hard-working spaces in your home. But that doesn’t mean they need to be a plain or boring room! Historically, laundries were considered an afterthought in the design process, mainly because there wasn’t a wide variety of hardwearing materials that were also beautiful and affordable. 

Nowadays, with so many gorgeous materials and smart solutions to choose from, a laundry renovation can be as exciting as a kitchen or a bathroom renovation. With stylish and calm laundries becoming the norm, an updated laundry to match your new bathroom or kitchen has become a must-have inclusion for homeowners.  

Where’s your laundry located?

If you have the luxury of space, consider which location will work best for your lifestyle. Such as installing your laundry room near the bathroom to streamline your laundry chores which is always handy. Another factor to consider is noise – some people prefer to have their laundry located away from living areas or bedrooms to minimise disturbances. As well as considering access to outside to easily and efficiently hang washing in the fresh air.

While not all homes have room for a full laundry, there are so many ways to keep your laundry hidden in plain sight while still being functional, the most popular being the European laundry. A Euro laundry is tucked away in cabinetry, commonly hidden behind a sliding, cavity or bifold doors. This not only allows you to hide dirty clothes in their own dedicated space but also keeps the look of your entire home clean and sleek! Not to mention reducing the need to dedicate a whole room to washing. Our Urban Bathroom display at our Burwood East Showroom features a beautiful and practical Euro laundry tucked away within custom cabinetry.

A great laundry starts with a great layout

Keep it simple. Laundries are usually small spaces and cramming too much can make the room feel uncomfortable. That’s why it’s so important that, when maximising every inch of space for functionality and storage, you do it the smarter way. Your cabinetry will define how you use your laundry, so getting it right from the get-go is an essential step in your laundry renovation. 

  • Maximise bench space to include adequate working space. You want to make sure you get room to work comfortably without bumping your elbows into doors and walls. Having sufficient bench space can also make the area feel more open, which is excellent for small laundries. 
  • Plan to include tall storage of some kind for brooms, ironing boards, vacuums etc. – even add in a power point for rechargeable vacuums. Depending on what other cabinets are in the house, consider having two tall cabinets and use one for your linen and towels. 
  • Give yourself enough space above your sink; nobody likes hitting their head on an overhead cupboard! Tall overhead cabinets are great for storing cleaning products, poisons, or pharmaceutical goods you want out of reach of little fingers. 
  • Open shelving in another colour can add a touch of styling to the spaceAdding some greenery or décor to make your space feel more homely.  

Strive for a cohesive look

When planning your laundry room’s design, we recommend that you continue the themes you selected for your bathroom or kitchen by choosing tiles, a benchtop material or cabinetry in complimentary finishes. This will create a sense of harmony, that your laundry room really belongs within your home.

As an example, if your kitchen renovation included white stone benchtops, white cabinetry and subway tiles on the wall, these can be carried through into your new laundry design, even down spec the benchtop to a laminate equivalent to save a few dollars.

You may even want to choose a similar style of tapware to match what you have selected for other parts of your home.

The Benchtop

Gone are the days when laundries had to feature uninspiring benchtops for the sake of durabilityNow you can choose from a huge range of durable and beautiful options to make your hard-working laundry look dreamy 

  • Laminate is a great hardy worktop that comes in a variety of stunning colours and finishes. More affordable than stone, laminate is a very popular option for renovating on a budget. 
  • If you’re renovating your kitchen simultaneously, the stonemason may have an offcut of stone that can be used for the laundry bench. 

The Sink

Carefully consider the size of you laundry trough. What are you going to use the sink for? Soaking clothes, plant watering, dog washing?  

  • Depending on your needs, a deep, stainless-steel purpose-built laundry trough might not be necessary. You may choose to have more bench space instead and select a smaller sink from a kitchen sink range, or a more decorative approach such as a benchtop mounted basin. 
  • Your laundry tapware doesn’t need to be generic anymore. There are plenty of options to match your sink colour, i.e. matte black tapware with a black granite sink or brushed stainless steel, even a butlers style ceramic sink. 
  • Ensure the tapware you choose can comfortably fit a bucket underneath. Goose-neck is always a winner! Ideally, it will also swivel, with a pull out tap for functionality. You want some freedom of movement when performing tasks like bathing your dog (assuming you have a small dog) or hand washing bulky items. 

The Floors and Splashback 

With laundries being relatively small spaces, choosing beautiful tiles won’t break the bank. A laundry renovation is a perfect opportunity to get creative, have a bit of fun by selecting something that sparks joy in you, as too often this can be a room that otherwise doesn’t spark too much of that. 

  • Keep the floor simple. 300×600 or 600×600 tiles can create the illusion of space while creating a neutral canvas for your cabinetry and feature walls to shine.
  • Utilise the splashback as a feature area to give the space some character. Use smaller format tiles as a feature in a brick bond, herringbone or stacked pattern. 
  • If you are using laundry frequently, it’ll likely get dirty very quickly. Consider using larger tiles rather than small ones on the floor to cut down on grot lines to clean. 

The Luxuries

If space and budget allow for it, there are many clever inclusions to consider that will go a long way to achieving a functional laundry design. Here are some of our favourites: 

  • Pull-out systems. There are many clever pull-out solutions to enhance your laundry’s functionality. The most popular ones are built-in laundry hampers designated to separate whites and darks and dirty and clean. They are great for keeping your workflow organised while helping you streamline your laundry chores. Another popular option is to include a pull-out ironing board, which saves a lot of time when ironing your clothes as you don’t have to manoeuvre bulky items every time.  
  • If space allows, consider installing hanging rails from the underside of your overhead cupboards. They are a great option to hang up clothes to dry on rainy days as well as hanging clothes once ironed
  • If you love keeping your space organised, then including specialised holders or racking systems for your vacuum cleaner, iron, and cleaning products to keep items tidy within your cabinets is a great option. 
  • Raising the washing machine by building custom drawers or cabinets underneath is an excellent option for those who value ergonomic design. 
  • If budget allows, consider including a drying cabinet. Custom-built or off the shelf, these cabinets are a gentle, eco-friendly way to dry your clothes. 

Adding a laundry room is a great way to add value to your home. Having a practical laundry can make your home more valuable and less stressful to live in.

Ready to incorporate your laundry into your home renovation plans? Our design team can help you create a beautiful and functional design that will make your laundry chores a breeze. Book a FREE showroom or video consult with one of our award-winning designers today!

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